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Note to Canadian Shoppers


Welcome my good friends and art collectors in Canada.

•All sales here are charged in US Dollars ( USD )

You have 3 separate shopping options:

  1. BEST OPTION: Email me and I can manually set up a $CAD ( Canadian Dollar ) sale link for you to make a purchase online. This usually takes the form of an emailed invoice that can be paid securely online through my $CAD web cart. Its very easy and no bother on my part. -OR-

  2. OPTION: Shop on this site as normal. Remember, all orders here are billed in $USD ( US Dollars ). You will incur Exchange Rate transaction fees on your $CAD ( Canadian Dollar ) credit card. BUT, to help compensate for these fees you will incur, I will not calculate, nor include the PST/GST/HST that is indeed due on your order. I will still be remitting these taxes to the government for your order. I have also reduced the actual Canada Post fees that get calculated for the order -OR-

  3. OPTION: Go to , right now. Its a $CAD (Canadian Dollar) only web cart - not as pretty as this site though and some of the pieces may not be there - but the site is still working. That site is eventually being shut down and will be rolled into this one.

Until, I get an alternate page setup for $CAD sales, these are the workarounds for now.  I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.  [ backstory: since 94.6% [true story] of my “web orders” ship to the US, I had to focus on the US sales site first ]

Sales Tax

USA SHOPPERS Only:  No Sales Taxes ( *see exception) applied to your order AND No foreign transaction fees and NO exchange rate fees. All sales are in $USD.   (*Exception: New State Law, As of Jan 2018, Washington state is requiring that any sale made online to a WA state delivery address, must have Sales Tax applied and collected. )

Canadian Shoppers Only:

  • PST and/or GST/HST is due for all orders sent within Canada.

  • Email me your order, and I can create a online invoice for you where everything will be processed in $CAD.

  • If you order directly using this website's shopping cart, however, remember, everything will be billed in $USD automatically. You will incur Foreign Transaction/ Exchange Rate fees on your $CAD ( Canadian Dollar ) credit card. To help compensate for these fees you will incur, I will not calculate, nor include the PST/GST/HST that is due on your order. I indeed will still be remitting these taxes to the government for your order.

  • If you find yourself at my old Canadian website, , the $CAD shopping cart is still live and processes the sales and taxes in, ..well, $CAD.


Shipping is by Canada Post ( in most cases ).
Delivery to the USA:  7 to 13 days (sometimes longer, but rare)
Delivery within Canada: 3 - 9 days ( Regular Parcel )

FREE REGULAR SHIPPING * on orders from this website exceeding $140 USD
The free shipping is automatic. If your order exceeds $140 USD and the shipping is still being charged, please let me know. I can email you an override coupon.

*Free shipping exception: Some larger Originals that may be posted will have the actual shipping cost split by you and me. There aren't many pieces that will be posted with this shipping exception

Faster Shipping:
• XpressPost to the US ( 5 - 8 days ) or UPS ( 3 - 7 days) is available. Please ask and I can quote you the actual shipping amount. The upcharge can range from $13 - $21.

Please note: I ship ASAP, but I may be on the road when you order and need time to return home to pack and ship your purchase. I will be in touch if that is the case.  Show Schedule



WEBSITE: Purchases made on my website or can be returned up to 5 days. Please note that the product must be returned unused, undamaged, in original packaging. The price of the item will be refunded. Any shipping will not be refunded. Please contact me for my Seattle, WA return address.

Note: Canada Only ––  Sales made in $USD will be refunded in $USD. The refund amount posted to your $CAD credit card will not match the original amount due to the different USD/CAD exchange rate in effect on the day it is processed by your credit card bank - which is out of my control. Losses due to exchange rate differences and foreign transaction fees - are not refundable

ART FAIRS: Purchases made in-person at my art fairs/festivals can only be returned during the art fair / festival. This is due to the sales commissions that I pay the show organizers at the end of the sales event.

GALLERIES: Purchases made at any one the galleries that carry my work, can only be returned to that same gallery and subject to their own Returns Policy

Matting / Framing for Artwork

Online sales, Gallery sales,
Art Fairs

1.25 wide x 13/16 deep

REPRODUCTIONS: I use mat board Brainbridge #754 Porcelain ( off-white mat colour )
ORIGINALS: I use Crescent White-Core #918

< See Next Section below about shipping of framed pieces >

Framed Reproduction you may find in the galleries are framed with Studio Moulding #40140 Gold Aegis ( 1 ⅛" wide, 13/16” high)
My Framed Originals are framed with a wider version this moulding - Studio Moulding #40240 ( 2” wide, 13/16” high)

All Glass used in my studio is Regular Clear.

Shipping Framed / Oversized Artwork

I usually don’t sell framed pieces (and some long matted pieces) on my website due to possible shipping damage and higher cost of shipping. But, I can still quote you shipping if you would like a piece framed. I’ve actually had only one piece get damaged during shipping - its just that the higher shipping fee, due to box size ( dimensional weight), that scare people if they are not warned ahead of time. I only charge the actual shipping fees I get assessed.
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Website Display

My Etsy site has its own set of website policies. These are governed mainly by and their merchant program that accepts the online payments from sales of items on Etsy. Please refer to the Help documents at for more information as well as my own etsy shop policy page

Etsy Shop Policy

Commissioned Artwork

I would love to do a specially commissioned original for you. Prices are based on  $ per square inch and whether I am working on paper or on the wood painting panels. Pieces on paper are much easier to ship. Check the prices of my posted originals to get an idea of pricing. Larger pieces will get a discounted per-square-inch rate.  I guess, a kind-of, square inch quantity discount.  :)  Please contact me below:

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