$75 Gift Certificate


$75 Gift Certificate

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$75 GIFT CARD  - for my website and art fair purchases

1. I will mail either you or your gift recipient an actual stylized (artsy!) gift certificate that can be presented to me at any of my arts festivals for purchase of my artwork.
2. There will also be a COUPON CODE printed on the gift certificate that can be used on my website for purchases of artwork. The COUPON CODE can also be emailed to you or your gift recipient right away. I'll be in touch with you to confirm that information.
3. If you have a special note you want me to include with the gift certificate - please indicate this in the "Note to Artist" section of the checkout page.
4. CANADIAN SHOPPERS: I can also create a $CAD gift certificate, but at this time, you need to email me to complete purchase.

1. The gift certificate cannot be used at any store or gallery that may carry my work. They probably have their own gift certificates they can sell you.
2. The gift certificate cannot be redeemed for cash.
3. The gift card expires after 13 months from the date of issue. I'll email you or your recipient just before the expiry, in case the gift amount has not been redeemed.