6x6 Redwoods Villa - ORIGINAL


6x6 Redwoods Villa - ORIGINAL


artPoem Series

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Original Vivid Oil Pastel drawing and gold metallic leaf by artist Brett Varney.
This piece of art is part of my artPoem series. A continuing collection of 6x6 originals.

This original is on one of my 6x6 wood canvas panels. It is ready to hang. No glass needed. These small panels look awesome.
The oil pastel is protected by multiple layers of resin so that the surface can be wiped with a damp cloth, if needed.

My painting panels are very sturdy, and are comprised of dense Masonite, coated with a black gesso. The frame of the panel is thick 1 ⅝" deep, poplar wood. 

Signed on front of the artwork ( plus, on the back, once purchased ).

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